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Very eye-catching spelling poster by Interactile Learning

The first time I learned Interactile Learning was in ETA a few years back. It was a petite booth with only a few staff. Their products, however, is very intriguing.
I didn’t buy anything then because I just used up my shopping quota. Nevertheless I’ve been receiving newsletters these years and have been watching their move since then.
Today I’m so please to receive files of 2 spelling posters made by Interactile Learning. They came with the newsletter as attachments and they are really EYE-CATCHING!!!
I love the concept, the color, the layout…everything!!
Thanks to Interactile Learning’s permission to let me offer a downloadable link here.

I’m thinking about removing something in my classroom to post these lovely posters!!

Spelling Steps II
Spelling Steps II-b

Interactile Learning