秘錄-The day I witness how kids fall in love with reading!

As usual, the girls asked me if they can play with the big book I made. We’ve had 2 sessions of “Big Green Monster” with story telling, songs and chants and they didn’t seem to have enough of it yet!

I didn’t pay much attention to these 2nd graders at first. It was the 15-minute long break and I need the break as much as they do…that is until I overheard one of them start reading the book in ENGLISH!!

She read the book with intonation and quite fluently. I’m so regretted that I didn’t have my flip cam ready!! Luckily they decided to take turns reading and playing. I was given a 2nd chance to document this wonderful proof of autonomy learning (without their knowledge)!!

click here for the secret video

I use jaycut to edit the documentary. Thumbs up for this free on-line video editor!!