Find-your-match reviewing game 總複習遊戲-句型篇

It’s that time of the year when everything is chaotic and you need to find a way to wrap up the semester with efficiency and a bit of fun! Find-your-match can help your kids to revisit those learned material AND have all 4 skills covered. The review game I’m going to introduce here is pretty straight forward. Nothing fancy but it does the work. 微笑

Grade level: basic- intermediate

Teaching props:

  1. Summery page of the textbook
  2. scrap papers for each student
  3. stickers
  4. hats or similiar containers as sentence collectors, in my class, I use a hat and a box

Teaching goal:

  1. Students can read the sentence slips they have and find the one who has a matching question (or answer) slips.
  2. After the pair is located. They go to the teacher to replay the dialogue again.

Game plan

  1. Have students to read through the index page, or summery page, depends on your textbook layout. I have them read through the page and ask a few questions as a warm-up.

2014-01-06 19.24.06

Index page

2. Then I have boys to pick 4 questions from the page and girls to pick 4 answers and write them on the paper slips.


3. I’ve had my new camera projector ready this time and promptly did the show-and-tell. You’ll need to leave a fair bit of time here to make sure they know what to do.


4. Have your sentence collectors ready! I’ve got a cowboy hat to collect questions and a box to collect answers(See the pictures below). Send two of your kids to collect the paper slips from everyone. You may also want to write down the hint on the board.

2013-06-14 09.47.25

Make sure they don’t mix the Questions with the Answers.


5. Now you have two sentence collectors full of paper slips. Send two kids to start dispersing Question slips to girls and Answer slips to boys. You may have each pupils to have 2-4 slips as a start. Leave a few minutes for them to examine and practice the sentences they received. Usually I make sure each of them have at least 3 paper slips in their hands.

6. Have children mingle with the others and find the one who has the answer of their respective question, or the one who has the question that lead to the answer.

 2013-06-14 09.47.13

2013-06-14 09.47.22

7. Once they find their partner, they should report to you as a pair. They replayed the dialogue in front of you again. If they pass, I give them a sticky dot.

2013-06-14 09.46.13

8. Have them recycle the paper slips in another container. Once they’ve used up all the paper slips in their hands, they go to the hat or the box to have more paper slips to practice.  

2013-06-14 09.51.22

This is a fun and engaging activity and kids get to listen and speak numerous times in the target language.

Later on, you can even have a quick fix-the-problem writing activity as a follow-up.

There are a few things note-worthy in this activity:

1. It seems to motivate lower-level kids to learn/imitate from their peers.

2. The sticky dots can be the ticket to fit in your classroom management scheme. They love it.

3. They love digging their hands in the hat/box to try their lucks! It’s really nothing mysterious but the gesture itself gives off a fun vibe.

4. While the drill obviously has it’s own merit in terms of reading comprehension, it does help kids to familiarize matching Question sentence & possible replies.

Caution: Be prepared for a classroom with lots of constructive noise. 微笑