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Finding tranquility through chaos-2 classroom management schemes

Classroom management hasn’t been an big issue for me for years until this school year, which marks the 10th year of my teaching career, that I decided to change my role to a homeroom teacher.

I then realized that I need to come up with a plan that cope with my new scenario, that I’ll have to stay with the same group of kid every day for a year. Unlike my prior 9 years of 40-minute management scheme, this new ‘battle field’ requires new strategy.

Clip chart system

So I finally put the ‘Clip chart’ system into practice and I’m so glad how it turns out! You can take a look at the original Clip Chart manual here (downloadable). You can also find the Clip Chart pinterest board here.

I then made my own Clip Chart

This is how it looks like in my classroom

The inventor of this system, Rick Morris, is apparently an experienced educator. His attention to details including, advising teachers to write boys numbers on different sides of the clips from girls. The reason is simple, so that kids can easily find their clips and make this act a less interruptive movement during the class.

So how does it work? To put it simply, MOVE-RECORD-REWARD

1. MOVE– Everyone starts from the GREEN ZONE (READY TO LEARN) everyday.  my kids get to move up a baby step if they get the answer right, clean up their desk without being reminded, show signs of great improvement…etc. They get to do the giant leap, meaning to move up to the next color, if they can present their ideas in a complete sentence, if they’ve been innovative in problem solving, if they got caught doing something great! I have them move down their clips when they don’t hand in their homework on time, or being disrruptive in the class…etc.

2. RECORD– to make the system a long-term sheme to encourage good behaviour, I have a trust-worthy kid to record their daily score on a sheet and public it in the classroom bulletinboard. They learn two things from here, 1, you can always start fresh in the next day. 2. success is built on long term engagement.

3. REWARD– I prepared a box of stickers. They’ll get to choose a sticker from the box once they accumulated to 90 points. That sounds a lot but they get the idea of keeping up the good work. On top of the sticker indicates the benefits they earned, such as 50% off homework, free nap time, free choice of lunch partner.       Tt

The result in my class? Marvelous! I didn’t know that every kid, regardless of how he/she performs usually, they all long for the moment to move up and surpass theirs/peers records. Additionally, it visualize rewarding and punishment in a rather postive way.

I FORGOT folder

I forgot folder

I have those forgetful kids to fill in the form of the I FORGOT folder so we have a reference when discussions needed. You know how often they claim innocence even they knew what they’ve done for the entire semester!

I usually leave it on the counter so kids get easy access to it. Last Saturday during the school carnival, a dad of a boy in my class came in and browse through the classroom, without being prompted, he picked up the folder and saw his boy’s name on the record sheet more than ten times. He then realized that I haven’t been espeically strict to his boy and immediately he took the parental responsibility to discipline his child on-site.

So here are my two helpful classroom management sheme and I’ve been keeping up my promise of writing every Tuesday! Let’s hope I get to blog routinely!