Two quick shares to kick off the new school year!

As most of my friends have already learned my new position as a homeroom teacher, I’ve survived the first two days back to school! Tomorrow is the start of another new week and I looked back at my long forgotten blog and realized that it’s time to pick up the pen  start typing and record this new page of my teaching career!

Here are two quick shares just to have a jump start of the new school year!

Question1 : Ever crave for a cleaner YOUTUBE page?

Yes, I believe we all have that awkward moment when playing YouTube video clips. Whether it’s the embarrassing video previews or the annoying commercial news clicker, they have become a major distraction and we don’t need that!

Clean. er

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a clean YouTube page like this?


I strongly suggest you to download the CLEA.NR extension for your browser at school. Your don’t need to click anything once you install the extension and yes, you can always go back to the conventional YouTube page by clicking the YouTube icon at the bottom bar.


Question 2 : Any chance of teaching warm-ups and language at the same time?

My new position as a HR teacher means I’ll be teaching PE as well! I’m all for regular exercise but to teach it as a subject…well, that’s another thing. So I found this short and simple clip of child-friendly warm-up routine, and I love it! It is created for kids and the instruction is easy enough to follow. More importantly, I get to teach them basic verbs like march/run/jump/ put up your hands/high/low impact….etc. and since it’s a routine, I’d ask them to eventually memorizing the warm up sequence. I think this works great for EFL classrooms!


Hopefully I get to keep up the blogging and locate something interesting enough to share weekly!


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