End-of-the-semester activity_2nd grade & 4th grade

Well, it’s a bit odd to post this at the beginning of the semester but I didn’t get the chance to finish the post until today!!:-P

How do you wrap up a semester in your last few sessions? As subject teachers, sometimes it is a bit challenging to plan a decent learning program at the end of the semester when everything is so hectic and kids are restless. This semester I tried something different with my 2nd graders and 4th graders. They enjoyed the last few sessions and I get to document the things we did together. A win win lesson plan!

Activity: Song poster

Year group: 2ND GRADERS (EFL)


  1. 3 copies of Eating the alphabets for each group. Preferably 1 between 2 kids


  1. glue sticks and scissors
  2. large posters/magazines/used textbooks
  3. ready-made posters by kids
  4. OUP everybody up material

Teaching goal:

  1. kids can start to read English books other than textbook
  2. kids can acknowledge/relate food from different parts of the world
  3. kids can start to do independent search for unknown words
  4. kids can help out each other in the process

Song poster activity is an ongoing project that lasts about a month. I accidently learned the singing contest (hosts by OUP) Everybody Up series via their FB page and decided to join the GLOBAL competition.

I know how 2nd graders love singing and dancing but am still amazed at how music stimulates children to learn.

I’ve posted the list here in my blog and I’ve got feedback from kids that they enjoy watching those 5 singing videos at home or after-school program. In short, they love the songs and willing to take the efforts to learn them in their own time without me telling them to.

Isn’t that great or what?

So when my kids start to learn the song ‘I like chicken’, I figure that I should have them made posters about food to showcase their preferences and fear (usually that’s more entertaining:-P)2212618560

Since I only see them twice every week, it’s quite difficult to have them return work with satisfactory quality . So how do I do that to make these 2nd graders to return their  posters on time and in good condition?

Tips for gathering posters from 2nd graders (this is of course coming out of the subject teachers’ point of view)

  1. make it a repetitive work for a few sessions so this requirement would stick in their head
  2. break down the task to smaller elements and evenly spread to a series of sessions
  3. have to build something upon the original work is always more efficient than expecting them to hand in 5-stars work.

After the first stage of poster design, I have them find fruits/vegetable names that are both in the book and their own poster. They are to copy the word/or the initial letter( depends on the level of the kids). 12059856001541529920

They then recreate their own lyrics according to the contents of their posters.



We then have several times of in-class group rehearsing


After that, I took them out group after group to do a video shooting. They are to assign roles to each group member. Some of them are to hold the posters, some of them are to act out the lyrics, some of them are to do the sound effects.

1205986240 12059852801205987520 22126192001206001600   1877093760137377728022126204802212638080           

Here are some short clips of my 2nd graders singing their own version of I like Chicken


As for my 4th graders, I found this Project Peace online and was prompted to post the downloadable peace packs in my blog ASAP by numerous students! The packs include 8 songs and you should really check them out!!  My pick is Peace like a river.

Other than learning to sing the song, I also have them made posters during the class. To speed up the process, I have a draw, stop, pass working chant.

Each group is to work on a poster with different keywords from the song. This is a bit like playing ‘musical chair’ with a twist. I played the song and stopped randomly and they are to pass their posters to the group on their right whenever the music stops. They are to pick up from where the last group left off. In this way they are exposed to the keywords intensively with multiple stimulation from illustration, the discussion within the group and the act of making connection with the song and vocabulary.

You can see their work here.

The river one is my personal favorite!






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