Great IWB app_Triptico


I’ve learned triptico for awhile but never really look into it until I got an IWB installed in my classroom.

At first, I was really thrilled about making my own teaching material with Smartboard Notebook. The thrill, however, eventually subsided. Why? For one, lack of time. And secondly, my computer does not updated with the shining technology, which means, it sometimes refuse to open the Notebook file or it just drag its feet whenever you play the interactive dice.

It can be very annoying. Plus I really don’t have that much time to tailor made everything!

That’s when I went back to have a closer look at triptico and realized its value. It’s light, beautifully designed and requires minimum learning curve.:-)

And most important of all, kids love it!


Triptico comes with 16 activities. I’ve tried word magnets and order resource so far with my 4th graders. They really enjoyed it!

Tutorial video clips are available on site. All the data are editable and savable.


I tried the Word Magnets first and immediately fall in love with its versatile teaching/learning value.


This is my Word Magnets file. I use it as a review for sentence pattern and self-introduction practice.

Target language is

1. I like…

2. I don’t like…

3. I have…

4. I’m….

Things I did with this Word Magnets File

I did a dictation for words as a warm up. This is where you can maximize L1 with the help of IWB. ‘Listen, drag and say’ is a common command in the class and you can start with a single word only.

Then I gradually have kids to make a sentence with highlighted words.


In this case, kids should be able to make a sentence reads ‘I have two sisters.’

As you can see, this is also a great way to reinforce the usage of punctuation and sightwords.

To make this more challenging I had kids listen for my question and try to form an responding sentence with the word magnets on board.

Another way to exploit the activity is to have them come up as many sentences as they can with the word magnets on board.

I usually would have them write their answers on papers first then have 1 or 2 pupils to show the answers on board.

Another app. I’m playing with recently is ‘Order resource’. Yeah I know, the Smartboard Notebook comes with similar interactive app. but triptico make it really easy to edit and the software runs fast and smoothly!


I’m going to try ‘Find Ten’ some time next week in my class. I think the app. is just right for vocabulary categorizing/cloze test….

I really enjoy this new ‘game’ in my class and I’d like to say a big thank you to David who provide this wonderful resource for free!

Ps. I wonder what’s in the name of ‘triptico’? Does it mean anything?


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