Classroom management_focusing on the learning

I recently read this interesting discussion thread via TES. The question is “What’s the best bit of advice you got… when just starting out.”

One of the teacher made a fantastic list that caught my eyes.


I especially love the 3rd one.

I can still remember vividly my first year in the Kingdom of Beast.  The open curse and confronts between teachers and students (and yes, I was unfortunately the person of interest in some cases)  was just plain frustrating and depressing.

I wish I knew more about classroom management then but still it’s all part of learning.

As my teaching years adds up, I’m getting better at what I do and often times be more aware of what I just did and what I could have done if the same thing shall happen again. I gradually learned that classroom management IS the key before any learning taking place. Sometimes it’s far more important than equipped with a great lesson plan or engaging activities.

I also enjoyed the video from Teachers TV very much. They have this special section where they invited a behaviour specialist Sue Cowley into a secret room to observe a class from hidden cams. Her job is to pinpoint the problem area where teachers can work on and give immediate feedback via a earpiece carried by the teacher. So the teacher can immediately take on different strategy upon Sue’s suggestion.


In this particular episode. The teacher has problems with a little boy who is constantly disruptive and acquire her attention all the time. I found myself relating the video with my class 4A. I was sometimes ‘glued’ to a particular group for the same reason. And I sometimes have problem of pacing my class, too.

It’s nice to have a mentor like her to watch your class and give immediate feedback:-) and, what a nice way to brush up your English at the same time!


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