classroom language and clapping game

How do you get children’s attention in the class?

Do you use a hand bell? a special chant or a magic word?

I remember my last workshop in Bell Institute, our tutor Anna asked us to share our ways of getting kids’ attention.

Here’s what appeals to me at that time, all contributed by my fellow teachers coming from various countries.

Monica from Argentina:

T: Open your eyes

S: eyes eyes

T: Open your ears

S: ears ears

T: Open your eyes and your ears and close your mouth

Weronika from Poland:

1. T:Macaroni & cheese

   S: Everybody freeze!

2. T: Hocus pocus everybody


Laia from Spain

3. T: Noise

   S: stop!

My recent one with the 4th  graders are like this:

T: 101

S: Good sitting

T: 102

S: Good listening

T: 103

S: Brain boxes on

T: 104

S: Lips closed

You can download the matching flashcards from SPARKLEBOX

Lately I tried the Hocus Pocus chant with a new flavor in my 2nd graders’ English class. They seem to enjoy the clapping game a lot and it’s such a great way to warm up a class in a lazy afternoon!

I think it helps them to practice their pronunciation, too.

STORYSOUP KIDS has some lovely collection of clapping games/ jump rope games (hmmm is it possible to do that in my class?).

I also found CAN TEACH a great place to dig up useful chants for daily routine.


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