Int’l Exchange project _ phase 1

Katrin has each of her kids wrote short paragraphs of self-introduction and I use them as a reading material for my kids.

You can take a look at their work from this post.

Then I asked my kids to start writing something about themselves. The result is….tragically bad. They(4th graders, with 2 sessions of English per week starts from Grade 3)  have trouble of basic sentence structure and a lot of them have trouble of forming more than 2 sentences with different structures. Well, this is kind of expectable considering the little learning hours they have.

Now I see where I need to work on more….

I also have them created posters according to the results of our prior discussion.  This is a team work and since I really can’t afford them to do this during my English class, I’ll have to count on their ‘good student’s spirit’ to finish the job before the deadline.

A lot of them came with half-done work. Some of them came with beautifully made posters with lots of crafts involved.

I also emphasized that I can only snail mail the finished works with evidence of efforts and team work (meaning it’s no one-man’s job).

I mailed the posters with 3 red envelops in different styles to Katrin just right before I flied out.


I also managed to write 2 postcards to Katrin’s 2 classes and mine (3 classes) during my stay in Thailand.

According to Katrin, the kids were pretty excited about the posters and the postcards,

“Your posters came 1 ½ weeks ago and we enjoyed reading and the pictures very much! Children asked me again, when we´ll go to Taiwan and play with your kids! And they want to make some posters for you as well. “

“Your postcards we received last Friday and it was very interesting to hear about the market on the water, the people and you”

Isn’t that a great way to start a year? Katrin also wrote about how my red envelops helped to bring in the authentic elements in a cultural lesson.

‘Two weeks ago we spoke about the New Year celebration in Taiwan and China, about the red envelopes, the dragon dance (?), the many people who travel through the country to be at their families and the fireworks. And so it was great to get some original red envelopes!’

I love this project and I can see the value it brings out, the only problem I have is how to allocate time to do all these!


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