Int’l Exchange project_phase 0


picture from Crossed Flag Pins

Katrin and I met in a 2-week teacher summer workshop in the  Bell Institution, Cambridge, 2010. She’s from Germany and I’m from Taiwan.

She’s a charming homeroom teacher plus a very fit aerobatics trainer while I’m a subject teacher of English and have been pretty bad in regards of any physical related activity.

But we kind of hit it off right away:-)

I still kept in touch with most of my mates back in the Bell and Katrin is the only one who agrees to do the int’l buddy project with me.

So we corresponded numerous times before setting up the first  intro between two sides.

You can see the first exchange here and here.

When I first introduce this project to my kids, they are extremely excited and curious. You can not imagine how many questions just poured out within 3 minutes!! I’ve prepared a list of warm up lines to guide the discussion and I found them quite useful since these prompts get them thinking while keep the discussion in the right direction (yes, the discussion can go really wild if you don’t moderate it!)

here’s my discussion prompts:

  1. Who speak English as their  mother tongue in this world?
  2. What languages can you speak?
  3. What happened when people don’t speak the same language yet they have to communicate with each other? (this question really brings out the function of learning English!)
  4. What do you know about Germany?
  5. Can you think of anything that is related to Germany?

The problem of  embedding a project like this in your curriculum is, you are constantly racing against the clock ! Katrin’s school starts their vacation (Christmas vacation) 2 weeks earlier than our winter vacation. I have schedules to meet every session plus I want to kick start our self introduction before the semester finished and I’ve got other lesson planning to take care of, too.

Later on I made a poster from all the correspondence we had plus my kids question notes. You can take a look here.

To be continued…


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