Behaviour contract


Courtesy of CSL cartoonstock

I’m not sure how other teachers cope with behaviour problems.

This is the post I meant to write before  the semester finished but never get to sit down and write about it.

I had three annoying boys in my class 4A. L, S and N.

They all have different characters (or symptoms?) and have been giving me different levels of headache.

L would be the one who step into his adolescent stage earlier than his classmates. He likes to rock his chair and make noises and enjoys being the attention of the class. He finished every sentence with a ‘so what?’.

S enjoys the hard cold classroom furniture just as much as a sofa. You walk in the classroom and you can expect him posing in a new way ….seated. He murmurs a lot. He’s smart but tend to be lazy when writing notes. He wouldn’t confront you but he’ll sneak out of the room if you ask him to stay behind.

N is like an alien even for his classmates. He came from a very very complicated family background and he drove me crazy. Period. He’s the only 4th grader who has been sent to the office during my class.

Unfortunately, they all in the same class. Gradually, these boys has stopped me from finishing my lesson plan and keeping my sanity and patience…Believe me, I tried to talk rationale with them, I tried to be bossy, the homeroom teacher even suggest me to intimidate them…but none of these really worked!

Things have to be changed.

One day, I went to their classroom and invite them to have a chat with me before the class started.

I gave them the card.

I explained to them each criteria and how much I need their corporation.

I emphasized that these are the goals I expect them to achieve. Start from something small. I make sure they understand each criteria.

They should evaluate themselves with a tick or cross at each box after each session and I’ll evaluate them again.

I’ll reward them after 3 consecutive  good behaviours.

The result is satisfactory to a degree. No more standoff between me and L. He’s miraculously behaved for the rest of the semester. S maintained good sitting position and tried to keep up the pace for the first few times but that’s at best he can do. N cut down his frequency of uttering inappropriate language and started to be more willing to listen.

The result isn’t 100 percent great but at least the semester finished with a good note. 


So here’s my quick note for this little triumph I had last semester:

1. Design a behavior contract. Make it cute and personal. I’ve got some stickers on the contract. The goals should be specific and attainable. They’ll have a prize if they behave nicely for 3 sessions in a row.

2. Make them special- I invited them to the classroom to have a quiet talk before everyone shows up

2. Be nice, show them the Behavior contract. Discuss the content.

3.They’ll first evaluate if they follow the orders and I’ll do the same

5. I ask them to put the contract on the desk during the class as a reminder.


1. They did it!! The class went on smoothly without argument and interruption!!

2. Little Sam was a bit restless for a few minutes but settled down again after I gave him a look (a nice one)

I felt soo happy after they left! 

I found more behviour contract ideas here.


I gave Lee an award stated his continuous improvement in learning attitude and result. He was a bit uncomfortable for this open praise (well, he’s still a rebel!) but I know I’ve won his heart:-) The award was to sent home for his parents.


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