The teaching demo#1_the wheels on the bus go round and round

Well, I was required to do a teaching demo out of the blue.  I agreed the last minute task but only realized later that this will add another deadline on my already very tight schedule….I should have thought about that before saying anything!!

Anyhow the teaching demo went smoother than I expected with a few hiccups. I developed my lesson with the classic chant ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round’. Kids seem to enjoy the chant a lot and they love reading the accompanying big book.

Here’s my lesson plan and the worksheet.

snapshot of kids’ workP1010648

Kids did pretty well in the circle time. They almost memorized the whole sequence and matching gestures (ah I should start processing the video…) plus they love inventing their own version of the lyric.

I’ve shown them several different versions of this classic chant and the variety certainly helps to encourage creativity!

1. I’ve compiled most video resources here in my classroom blog

2. Clear English pronunciation with kids-friendly setup can be found here by Snap Smart Kids (gosh, their name is really mouthful!). Do dig around their works. Very comprehensible even for EFL kids!

Some quick notes after the teaching demo-

1. the worksheet is still a bit too challenging for the 2nd graders. I should offer more picture clues in Side B

2. IWB works great but needs to be more careful with usage of layers

3. I should find a way to accommodate a word wall in the classroom but I just don’t have enough wall space!!!

4. The what’s missing game with IWB seems like a nice warm up trick, I should apply it more often!!


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