Speed reading game

It’s a game to promote fluency and teamwork. Children compete with their own record and try to help out each other during the process.

The game can be done with any reading material or pictures if you like.

In this video the children are practice numeracy from 1-30 with a piece counting sheet.

At the end of the semester, they will be asked to count with ‘one black cat, two black cats…’ so on and so forth. This will be the material for their oral test.

The keys for successful Speed reading game are-

1. They should take turns to read out the material. DO NOT READ TOGETHER.

2. They should take turns to be the first to read. This is to make sure they practice all the content of required words/sentences.

3. They can teach one another if their partner got stuck.

4. They should jot down how much time they used to complete the whole task. The 2nd attempt is usually better than the 1st one. You should always ask them how they did and if they have broke their own record. This is to highlight the importance of practice.  You can download a projectable stopwatch so everyone can check up their time of finish. Kids generally enjoy the  tense. 🙂




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