The Reading Teacher’s plan book

I decided to write reviews of online resources as much as possible so that I get to look back and search before I forgot all about it!!

I was looking for another reading website for teachers (which unfortunately I’ve lost trace of it, can’t even remember its name!) on YOUTUBE when I came across ‘The reading teacher’s plan book’.

The website seems to devote its attention in small group teaching and I think the concept can be applied in Remedial Teaching here in Taiwan(Remedial Teaching seems like a catchy phrase here these years…kind of ironic!!).

What I love about the website are:

1. Clear teaching strategies are presented in their various Youbue video clips. For use non-native EFL teachers, it serves two purposes, a. to reflect and check on your own teaching strategy b. Better your situational English with context you already familiar with!

2. Really innovative (well, at least for me anyway) way to relate phonemic sound to emotions. See the lovely poster below.

And all those posters are downloadable! 😀

Click here to start exploring:-) I’ve marked the webpage with ‘MarkUp’, something I just started to play around:-)

final note: notice there are only 4 kids in most of the videos? What a difference!


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