TEDx is coming to Taiwan!

TED is coming to Taiwan!!

I’ve been following TED for several years and I enjoyed Ken Robinson’s ( whom is extremely talented in story telling)insights of formal education very much, Jamie Oliver’s dramatic yet practical way to highlight the crisis of obesity in modern world, Seth Godin’s evaluation of ‘broken’ designs in our daily life. Love Hans Rosling’s stunning visual brings statistics to life and honestly that is the most beautiful presentation I’ve ever seen!! Lawrence Lessig’s astonishing synchronized presentation skill and the video clips he used is extremely funny and inspiring (fast forward to ‘9″45 and ’10″27 if you don’t have time but you’ll miss a lot)!!
So I’m extremely exciting and curious about how such conference would be localized in Taiwan.

To join the conference of TED in Taiwan (by the way, it’s TEDx Monga), you are required to register and write a profile of yourself, ‘make yourself sound as interesting as possible’. Then they would evaluate your profile and decide if you should be invited to the conference.

Sounds bazaar, isn’t it? They are quite smart in marketing…

I’m not sure what I’m expecting but do feel privileged to receive their invitation to attend TED in Taiwan (Their marketing trick works with me…).

And yes, the price is not cheap but still affordable.

So I’ll be in TED on the ninth of December!!

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