It’s all about the mindset

This is something I meant to write after the trip to the U.K.

This is my 9th year of teaching English as a subject teacher. I was pretty naive and innocent in my 1st year. Got really fed up with teaching in my 3rd year but then my learning curve started to take turns. I seem to know the profession a bit better. I seem to understand kids more.
I got my first chance as a presenter in a small-scaled workshop for English teachers in my 6th year of teaching.
I felt great to share my experiments and ideas.
Then I joined the Advisory Group that offered me a vantage point to see English education. I was once one of those who felt like an outsider of this rather conservative workplace. I’ve complained a lot and know too much about what bureaucracy means.

That is until one day I realized that I shouldn’t care that much about bureaucracy, how unprofessional they are, how ignorant they are to whatever happens in English class. That’s not something I should pay my attention to.

What I should invest my energy and put good use of my mind is how to do wonders under such teaching environment. How to make this job lovable and the class enjoyable for both sides.

I finally kind of understand what it means to have Thick face and Black heart. It’s all about mindset and how to make necessary turns when life is a bumpy road.

The trip to UK also broaden my horizons as a language teacher. Teachers should be connected and communicate. We should not be confined in our own classroom boundary.

English teachers have always been the loner in most elementary schools. Maybe it’s time to change our mindset and try to co-exist with things we hate and still feeling privileged to be part of someone’s life.


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