Game review: I spell, you say!

I came up with this game that works well in my 4th graders’ class.
The game is I spell, you say.
There are two ways to play this game:
Version A
material: any page of a textbook with a wordlist, on-line stopwatch
1. You always start with a few simple words i.e. you spell c-a-t, they say cat, you spell a-p-p-l-e, they say apple
2. Other than saying the word, students need to point to the word on the page at the same time
3. pair-up practice-Students pair in two and try to spell out the word as many as they can within designated time frame (say 30 seconds). you might want to demo this process first with the whole class.
Student A(speller): b-u-s
Student B(reader): bus
A: b-i-k-e
B: bike
They continue to do so until the bell rings and check number of words they read together.
4. Switch
Make sure the speller and reader switch at the 2nd round. They do the wordlist again and compare if they spell more words than the 1st round within the same time frame.

Version B
material: word cards (usually come with textbooks) for every students or team

1. Start with corresponding English like “Shuffle the cards”, “spread the cards”, “pick the card says dog

2. Students spread the cards on their desks. You spell the word and then they have to pick up the card and say the word.
It’s a race against time and team work. I prefer them to have their own set of cards but you know how kids are. Rarely everybody shows up with the stuff you want them to prepare. The variation is to have kids without card set to help their mates to identify the word card so they are involved, too.

Here’s a short clip to show how it is done


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