My working holiday in Cambridge…

Yes, it is a working holiday for sure. This is my third day in Cambridge and I’ve been extremely busy for the past few days.

P1000131The campus of Bell in Cambridge is very beautiful and spacious. 

We dine in the Great Hall, which is at the far end of the picture. I was very impressed with the English garden. It’s not like the clean-cut Japanese styled garden. It’s the kind of garden that seems to encourage each and every plants to grown on its own terms. I found quite a few exotic species that I’ve never seen before. Like the following one – Spiky Monster (no, it’s not the real name, but I think this name fits the appearance)



The plant seems very  aggressive with its spiky stems and its long tall trunk. 

The lavender here grow in bushes!!! Not like the eeny tiny little ones we have in small spots. Here the lavender BUSHES can be seen everywhere along the sidewalk. They are tall and strong and the smell is very refreshing.

Some pictures taken on the guided walk in the city of Cambridge

There are 31 colleges in Cambridge university!! 31 of them!!!

P1000156 P1000164

Pic 1  Punting in Cambridge seems like a must here…wonder if I would have the chance to experience it?

Pic 2 This clock allegedly costs some million pounds!!! The inspect on top of the clock is the grasshopper that signifies time is eaten away bit by bit….

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