Jeopardylabs ROCKS!!


Jeopardy has always been a great form to do review activity in my mind but I tried once with PPT and gave up right away for it is just waaaaay too complicated!!

I’m looking for something that doesn’t require repeated hyperlinks and I can make one in 10 minutes…alright, make it 15.

Jeopardylabs just satisfies my needs in most levels and I’m happy to introduce it to my fellow colleagues!

Although it is simple and rather intuitive but you still need to play around it a few times to get the good right!

Step 1: click quick build, yes, starts with key-in your password twice


Step 2: then start filling in the boxes


You don’t need to fill in the whole lot. “Remember Jeopardy is backwards”sounds like a riddle but u’ll get it once you put it in test run.


Step 3: Don’t forget to press “save”!


Step 4: the most important part!! Do paste the link to a word doc. You don’t want to loose your jeopardy game!!


Ok…now here’s the problem…

to be continued…(wait, I seem to use this trick more frequently than I should have… )

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