If you have the power to change, respect professionals and let them do their jobs

Politicians who act like educators are one of the most dangerous kind of people and vise versa.

Educators who make decisions base on assumptions and hearsay are doing more harm than good.

After months of “co-teaching” with a NEST( native English speaking teacher), I finally realized that no matter how much I tried to make this NEST co-teaching project work, things have always been out of my hands.

I put in the rather ugly side of the truth in our final NEST report at the end of last semester. I was the only one who gave warning over low teaching professionalism  and possible declining teaching quality.

Bringing in a NEST in our curriculum has never been under any form of design and discussion. The co-teaching model has since been evolved from leaving him space to do his job to claiming all the lesson planning work to our side.

We don’t have time to talk over the lesson plan, nor the accumulated misunderstanding. At the mean time, the session went on fortnightly, students are as usual not responding, I’m bored and he’s discouraged.

No one wins in this project.

Finally I decided to take this to the administration. The dean finally acknowledged the situation and called the school where the NEST came from.

Then I got a call from the dean of that school and was told to have a meeting together next morning.

I didn’t start my research until that night.

I was bewildered to learn so much literature review over a single search phrase “如何幫助外師” in google.

How come I’ve never thought about doing this before?



I found the case study report from the Taipei city government is very informative. The 外師ebook is worth to check out, too.

So I tried to take in as much as I can with the risk of loosing my precious beauty sleep.

Then come up with a NEST case-study presentation.

The presentation is meant to highlight the part where I found the NEST needs to work on and the part where I think he has done a great job, considering the circumstances.






It is a rather simple and short PPT for the meeting with my co-teaching partner and his supervisor. The meeting certainly helps to clarify a few issues. The following meeting with our administration afterward in the same day, however, was an even more thought-provoking communication…

to be continued…


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