Mistletoe mistletoe KISS KISS KISS!!

It’s 2010 already and I think it’s time to finish the post I wrote several weeks ago…Gosh I’m sooooo happy that it’s gonna be another year until next Christmas….

I made 2 slideshows to showcase my 6th graders and 3rd graders’ Christmas activities.

And the rarely loveable cranky teenagers enjoy making snowflakes!

The post below was written before Christmas….

Christmas is coming! To get into the Christmas spirit, I have dressed up my classroom, have Christmas carols broadcasting every afternoon for 15 minutes, and finally get the kids to start singing!!

Here’s my song list for Christmas:

1. Ah, Christmas tree. I prefer Nat King cole’s version but the one in Wee sing is the just-right version for children.

2. Christmas candy, yum yum yum. This is from the collection of Let’s chant, let’s sing. Really cute and covers quite a few Christmas key vocabs, and most important of all, IT IS SOOOO CATCHY!!

I introduced the mistletoe tradition to my 3rd graders and they went crazy when I mentioned the kissing part. They distaste the tradition but happily obliged to follow hand gestures. 3rd graders are truly adorable!!

You can find a lot of interesting info about mistletoe here.

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