How do you compete with the BELIEVE that Native speaker is born to be a better teacher than you?

“We’re non-native English speakers who’ve mastered the English language through university or work abroad and are now fighting to gain the same status and pay as the native English speakers who’re foreigners in our countries… who sometimes don’t work as hard or know how to break down the language into bite-sized chunks.”

One of the definition of TEFL teachers offered by Kalinago English describes my Friday “co-teaching”routine with L.

He shows up without preparation occasionally. He took a nap during 15-minute break in my CLASSROOM with students’ presence. He uses all-words-no-picture powerpoint slides to present Thanksgiving lesson to elementary-leveled EFL kids.

He IS getting better at teaching English as a foreign language, I won’t deny it. I will laugh at, however, the idea that he is the reason for my kids’ improving English language skill.

 I will be very annoyed and disheartened with the fact that, as a school leader, he or she attributes students’ academic success over an English speaking native who sees students less than 10 times so far than the professional TEFL teacher who spends months/years with kids.

 What can be more superficial and ridiculous than that?

I’d love to tag her “ world’s worst”one day….(SIGH)


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