Get into the action- bring in more interaction with IWB in my English classroom

My magic board has installed for a couple of weeks. The brand name is Teamboard but currently I’m using the Smartboard software with it.

I’ve always been tech-savvy so having this IWB installed in my classroom is like getting a new Christmas toy! My first impression of Teamboard, however,  is not too good. Comparing with Smartboard, Teamboard is a little less “solid”, less intuitive, less “smart”…if I can put it that way. Fortunately, the board seems to go well with Smarboard Notebook(could that be a quirky selling point for Teamboard? haha) so I wouldn’t complain too much about it.


With IWB I can finally bring in my blog with my lesson. I get to introduce my English learning blog for my students and motivate them with hands-on experiences with the MAGIC BOARD.



I’ve set up my blog 潛龍玩英文 several years ago but have never really integrated it with my daily lesson. One of the reason is that kids don’t get the chance to come to the board and try out the content thus it’s comparatively less interesting for them to do it at home. Now  I connect my Notebook file with my blog and I have kids try out the tests and games in my blog in the class. I can see there are more and more kids willing to hook on the blog in their own time.


I heard them asking “Miss Tsai, where can I find this website?””Ah, I’ve tried that at home!!”Now talk about motivation!!


This week I showed “Rain, rain go away” chant to my 3rd graders and they love it!  I’ve included it in my subcategory”看影片學英語”. It is such a nice chant to go with the weather condition recently. 


Ah, and my recent review over Teamboard:

1. The board doesn’t seem very sensitive. Sometimes I actually have to punch the board to get it moving!


2. Where is the matching software? Smartboard has Notebook while Teamboard has…none?


3. The tool bar is bloody ANNONYING!! So far I still can’t figure out what activate the drawing pad and once the draw pad is activated it affects whatever program you are running…



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