What I learned in L’s class

Pictures below are the CD token mentioned in my prior post. Again, thanks Moji for this wonderful idea!

CIMG3392 CIMG3390

So we have an native English teacher comes fortnightly this semester. My 6th graders are pretty excited about the new teacher and so far things has been smooth.

I’ve heard/read a lot about the difficulties of working with these Native English teachers. May it be cultural misfit or a matter of different interpretation of job description, I believe that it is our job to engage children as much as we can in the process of learning while having some fun.

My first impression of L is 1. He doesn’t smile much,  2. he seems going to have a heat stroke in any minute. 3. he doesn’t seem very professional.

The first thing he asked was, " Do you have flashcards?" Then he popped the second silly one " So what do you want me to teach?"

I was thinking, “What?? Please don’t tell me you show up without any preparation!!! This is your first session!!”

Luckily he kind of improvised the whole session without great difficulty. How come somebody like him can locate a teaching job in Taiwan, while people who have decent teaching certificate are still on the long waiting list? When is this myth,“Native speaker” teaches better, ever  going to be corrected or acknowledged by our superiors and education administrators?



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