Walk like a ghost, fly like a witch and smile like a pumpkin!!! Halloween chant with lots of fun

Halloween has long past but I haven’t updated my Halloween activity this year. I had my first try of story telling for the 3rd graders this year. The book I chose is “Go away, big green monster”.

image Picture from Lakeshorelearning

I have to admit I’m not very talented in story telling. But somehow sharing a book with a 3rd graders doesn’t seem that challenging.

I searched the teaching tool kit and decided to make the teaching tool kit myself.

Then here comes the part of book presentation. Usually teachers project picture books so that everyone can see. But then there is this lack of interaction when you use projectors without IWB. My goal is to have kids interact with the book since the authentic book offer such interface.

So I decided to make a BIG BOOK myself.

I did the measure, planning, sketching and finally finish the whole book with some helpful suggestions from dad. The finished product enable kids to move the monster pieces along with the story. Then I have a Go Away bag for kids to make those scary parts to disappear.

I used the story and took kit with my kids and the teaching demos in other schools. Then wrap the whole lesson up with the very cute youtube by SuperSimpleSongs.


I also introduced my kids a Halloween-themed song, Walk like a ghost,  from Dream English. They offer quite a few downloadable mp3s plus matching flashcards!!

The song is easy to sing and kids are really having fun while learning the vocabularies. Thanks to all the free online resources!!


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