Some updates this week…classroom display and a few words to the head teacher


  Sometimes I wonder if it worth to spend so much time in classroom display. Would kids stop and read without teachers telling them to do so? My doubts were soon dissolved when I overheard kids discussing student works displayed outside of the classroom.I have set up a mini book fair there to showcase my prior students’ works.(hmmm…maybe I should post it here next time)

CIMG3389  CIMG3388

This is one of the more cozy corner in the classroom. The sofa is basically only for show..well, I’ve never spent over 5 minutes on it. The foldable divider was donated by a retired dean at school. The sofa was left from a former colleague.

I wish I can have more time with kids and spend more time in books with them. SIGH…but recently I’ve been trying to keep up the schedule.


I’ve updated the back b.b.board to suit the Halloween theme. The letters are there for word haunt and categorizing. I intend to keep the tree until Christmas is over….

Wayne has told me that I have a short wick, meaning I’m definitely not a Ms. nice. I have problems with hypocrisy and bureaucracy. And I have major problems with authorities who only live up to cameras.

If I were a head teacher who has never trained to be a English teacher (let alone teach it), I wouldn’t even dream to tell English teachers how to do their jobs. I’ll consult them first then come up something with professional and practical concerns. I’ll engage myself to the project before I public any policies.

With an ongoing so called " English experiment project" in my back, I’d put behind my 40-year-old insight in English teaching and seriously involve the project before I BLOODY SHOW UP IN FRONT OF THE PRESS!!

I’ll definitely have a word with my English teaching crew before I come up with the "get-100-or-test-again" scheme and brag about the really INNOVATIVE spelling test to the press!!

Yes, I’m definitely not a Ms. nice and pardon me not to be one!!


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