Back-2-School Shopping Spree

These cute flashcards are from one of those Dollar Shop in Sydney. 2.5 AUD per pack. They are really eye catching and I just love it!

CIMG3311 image

A local stationery shop owner recommended me this 3M super 90 and the test result is super! It saves tons of time and work over dealing with double sided tape!!! Just spray and paste. Mom reminds me to wear mask while using it though.

I’m going to test spray this tomorrow on the ceramic wall and see if it works good.


I love this "Welcome to my classroom" sign by Jan Brett (just love her book The Hat!!) There are signs both for male and female teachers. 🙂



The picture of the smiling owl is from Flicker and I use blockposter to print out the poster. I know非常好色can do the same work but I prefer blockposter’s interface:-)

Now I have to work on more with the interior….more work…but it pays to spice up the space where you literally spend 8 hours within!!

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