Classroom display

How do you turn a eye soaring classroom with leaking problem, badly-pilling walls and prior tape marks here and there into a presentable place?

I have sat on this problem for too long and this year I decided to make a face-lift.

Start with Obama-


I then put on a string across the ugly bars with prior student works.


and two string of flags, just to add a little "international" touch…


The sole purpose for this poster is to cover up  the ugly marks on the back door.

I bought the apple-shaped flashcards in a dollar shop in Sydney. I found them quite eye-catching:-)

I was meant to put on a world map but was some how end up putting on the Asia one….

 CIMG3341 CIMG3344

I know I still have a lot to go….and I’ll get there, bit by bit…


Where I found my inspiration:

Learning parade

Classroom displays

All kinds of labels


Where you can print out free map


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