Shopping @ Sydney

It doesn’t seem like an appropriate post here but somehow the goods is teaching related.

I’ve been trying to locate a teacher’s bookshop here in Sydney without success. However, watch out for those bargain sales stands in local bookshops, you might just came to the right place for all sorts of interesting teaching material…with very teacher-friendly price!

1. Guess how much I love you


I’ve always love the warm touch of this story and glad to see this audio package with book & CD. The price is not bad, approx. 208 NT. This can be the perfect gift for friends/relatives with little children.

2. Dr. Seuss lacing cards

CIMG3049 I’ve been crazy about Dr. Seuss’s eccentric imaginary rhymes and stories. This Lacing cards box set is of course for developing hand-eye coordination. Perfect settle-down kit for the two little devils at home.

3. Slide&Learn Interactive flash cards (Tell the time)- one of my favorite!

CIMG3052   CIMG3053     CIMG3054 CIMG3056I learned this cute flash card design from one of the seminars sponsored by AIT years ago. The speaker even suggests us to make cards by ourselves( or kids) for the price and accessibility. With price tagged 14.99 AUD, interactive flashcards is a great thing to have but it tends to shrink your wallet real fast. Especially when there are so many series to choose from….

Titles in this series:

Alphabet. Animals. My Body. Number. Opposites. Phonics. Shapes and colours. Tell the time

Luckily I got it with 6.99 AUD only! Hurray!

This is a great teaching props especially for small-sized class. Great for pair-work dialogue practice or whole-class dictation game.


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