RT club-props: making a Christmas tree with kids

I need a Christmas tree to go with the plot of my Christmas play – A flea on Santa’s Tree?

This "tree" must be big enough and easy to carry. It must be cheap.

So I start with this:

CIMG1745 From my colleague’s wedding cookie package.

I suggest to keep and store these cardboard even when there’s no immediate demand.

They can be very handy and you never know when you are going to use them!

With a bit of cutting, there I have my plain Christmas tree template:

tree1 tree2


As you can see, "the tree" stands without any support.

Then cover the tree shaped cardboard with green papers. To make it more like a tree, maybe you want to have kids do these for you. Cut green papers into smaller pieces with zigzag edges. I also have kids make a lot of polka dots in different colors.

And here’s the finished product,cheap-n-dirty classmade Christmas tree.


I also make sure the tree won’t fall in the middle of the performance:


The chair is there for two reasons:

1. to secure the tree

2. so kids can stand up there to say their lines.



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