Some updates-the RT club

So I was assigned to organize a RT club every Thursday morning. I have zero experience in drama and frankly speaking I have never been a fan of stage play. I accepted the job for only 2 reasons, 1, I get to experience new way of presenting language materials. 2, I get to teach fewer sessions per week.

Like my friend Robin said when he saw me digging in books like "how to do plays with children", there could be a million chances to go wrong when doing plays with kids. Well, sounds scary but that’s something I have to deal with no matter what.

I’ll skip the part how this "less-than-ten-training-session-product end up be the main program in xmas day celebration" to the how-things get-up there part here.

The following resources are pretty helpful along the way.  

image             image 


1. RT如何教-讀者劇場 This book is out of print already. What a shame! I picked a short script from it as a starter for my litter actors and actress. It works for me and a step-by-step guide can save you tons of work.

2. Quick and easy costumes and plays  It offers some helpful hints and quite a few basic mask patterns. 10 scripts from classic fairy tales to nursery rhymes.

3. How to do plays with children     I’ll borrow words from google book search "A comprehensive, absolutely-everything-you-will-ever-need resource book on doing dramatics with children". I picked "A flea on Santa’s tree?" as the xmas play this year.

Two video clips as the earlier "work" from my RT club. The script is short and easy to learn. It was only the second session when the videos were taken.


Then we moved to outdoors.



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