Reward for 30 points- English class in computer lab!

Like I mentioned in my prior post, I have a little twist with the rewarding system this semester. Classes that earn 30 points before mid-term exam get to ENJOY English class in computer lab once.

They seem to look forward to it and I’m glad that I can take advantage of the positive image that only computer teachers holds – "learning is fun!"

So I tried Google docs to test spelling with my students as a reward. I know it sounds strange but it comes with an attachment, they get to explore the other game links on the English class blog. I found a lot of hiccups during the class but the overall experience is positive.

The spelling test idea came from another wonderful teacher’s blog ICT in my classroom. You can also check out his 10 Google forms for the classroom.

I started with Google form, it’s a great cooperative application that allows multiple users to edit one single document at the same time.

With the help of google form, making online survey couldn’t be easier!















Students’ data will be directed to your spreadsheet like this:


Google form also offers immediate statistic analysis. For a spelling test like this, you get to see how ur students’ do in plain graphic. It’s a great way to evaluate teaching efficiency. 


The hiccups:

1. Some computers decide to break down in that time frame leaving some students have no access to your online project.

2. Unstable Internet connection

3. A computer lab does not equal to a language lab. Don’t expect students to do much with listening-based task. It won’t work with 35 amplifiers turned on at the same time! Ear piece for everyone?…well…it is a computer lab after all….You don’t decide how to spend the money!

Wanna have a copy of the spelling test form? Leave your email:-)

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