The first day back to school after the long weekend

….After the typhoon break, to be precisely. I have a full schedule today and I’m the kind of person hate to lose any minute of my 40-minute class time.

The first class came in with sorrow faces and tiring eyes. They were late for 6 minutes and 6 of them were absent. The reason? Somewhere in the campus doing their cleaning job! Well, like I said, sometimes I think schools need these kids more than the other way around. Does the clean-up so important that it’s okay to be late for class?

The second class dragged their feet into the classroom with the same exhausting face. What’s wrong with these kids? Anybody home? Hello? Well, yes, they are all tired after the morning clean up project.

The third class, the only 4th graders today, late….again. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH……




  那是不是我以前也穿過的軍訓服啊??? 真恐怖….





I ask them to do interviewing after the presentation. Two simple pieces of information are required, name and age. I said go, some of them are still sitting around waiting for a more direct command from the teacher. These kids are legging far behind and ….I really have no slightest idea how to help them.

I felt so powerless and frustrated all morning that I had to spill it out with a science teacher at school. The conversation then leads to a deeper reflection toward our teaching philosophy. 

What do we do with the kids that just gave up learning? How do we, subject teachers, practice the student-centered learning with the stress of meeting schedule? Why am I constantly feeling anxiety when I hand over the power to my students? How should I see the progress(if there’s any)/process?

I hate to give up but I can’t ignore the reality…


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