Happy teacher’s day!

Happy Teacher’s Day! My school launched a teacher appreciation day on Friday. Each of us rewarded a rose from students, well….honestly I don’t feel a thing then. I did feel very happy when two 6 graders girls came to the office and congratulate me.  Though it feels funny to hug teenagers (both for me and for them I guess) I still hug them both and truly touched with their happy and sincere face. Two boys came afterwards, naughty ones, and I was quite surprised that they would think of me in this occasion. But they did! I saved the hug with the boys to avoid embarrassment and gave them a very buddy-like pat on the back. 

I came across this short clip "What I want for my children" by Heidi Hass Gable from Open thinking and Digital Pedagogy. It is a beautifully made presentation from a mother toward school teachers. This is something we teachers should be reminded from time to time.

I’ve created a presentation about the things that I want for my children and from my children’s teachers. My hope is that it will move you, it will motivate you, it will make you think and it will inspire you to get involved in your child’s education, to support your teachers and to be part of creating great schools!

It is also interesting to read the response between Heidi Hass Gable and the blogger of Open thinking and Digital Pedagogy.

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