Fold me a poem


I’ve never been that good at crafting but this lovely illustrated book caught my eyes. The book "Fold me a poem" by Kristine O’Connell George woke up the long lost childhood memories. And it’s not just paper folding, or origami to be exactly! You can have a peek of the book here.

Kristine also has a rich collection of online resources here. Though that leads me to The Collection which covers an interview by an origami artist Robert Lang. You can listen to the interview there, too. Robert Lang was a scientist and now a full time professional origami artist. Sounds like a big career change, isn’t it? According to Robert Lang, however, origami is actually a challenge to the principle of science and mathematics. Its beauty is both in the outcome and also in its mathematical symmetry.

03 image

Yes, they are actually the paper folding products by Robert Lang!

So I start from the very basic one about letter and envelope folding. Okay, I know it’s pretty lame comparing with the origami snake above, but it serves the purpose!:-) It’s fun and according to one of the audience from the interview, "origami opens the door to math for me"

Robert said that origami has many ties with mathematics and it concretes those intangible concepts for people. Hmmmmm, does that mean that I would have been better in math if I ever had the chance to study origami before?

Interesting topic to read and I think I’m going to introduce this to my students when the time is right.

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