8 essential skills they didn’t teach you in school



Heritage classroom in Grubb Shaft Gold & Heritage Museum, Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Australia

A peak of the old school classroom. Look at those cute writing board for each kids!




Schools, some hate it, some love it for the achievement or the attention, some work for it, some work against it. I’m currently work for it but I can see why there are people work against it. I wouldn’t deny the value of schools and I do value the skills I learnt at school but I can’t ignore the fact that school education in general have a pretty big gap from the real world.

I came across this article 8 essential skills they didn’t teach you in school from Lifehack, one of my favorite blog. It mentions networking, personal financing, negotiating, self-learning….etc. to be the less cultivated field in school system. I feel so true when reading the part about the people skill.

The shy folks lurking in the corners at cocktails parties will never reach their full potential as human beings because our school system didn’t place enough value on “being social”. President Bush didn’t get the best grades at Princeton, but boy did he know how to network, and look where that got him.

Some would claim that people skill is something inherited. That’s only partially true. I believe people skill needs to be practiced, discussed like any other subjects.

What about learning to be money smart? I hate math doesn’t necessarily mean that I hate organizing my finance. I would probably find math more interesting if I can apply it in my future money management.

This is an interesting post for both educators and parents. It’s also an interesting reflect for those adults who already done with school!

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