What’s your secret curriculum?



Those good old days…Nostalgic antique student desk exhibits in Grubb Shaft Gold & Heritage Museum, Beaconsfield.





I read this interesting and inspiring post about teachers’ secret curriculum by Rowlsintheclass. Like the blogger, I didn’t know what the secret is about at first. Then the blogger’s conversation with another veteran teacher gives a better picture of the teachers’ secret.

…. every teacher has a secret curriculum that they want their students to learn, some teachers know their secret and others either don’t know or don’t realize they have one.  Often the secret curriculum is what the student will remember from the class for years to come.  He explained that some teachers secret curriculum is to teach students to sit still, or some teachers teach responsibility, others focus on hard work.

Well, this is my interpretation, I think the secret curriculum is the philosophy, or the believes that you embed in your teaching. My secret curriculum? I think it is to motivate kids to search for their own answer, to be creative in problem-solving and to be able to appreciate being "different".

What’s yours?


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