The myth, the bureaucrat, the reality

A volunteer at school came to tell me that her daughter is going to be a student teacher from next semester. She’s hoping that I can be her mentor(wow, sounds pretty big and serious:-P). We had a short chat in the hallway and finally she made that famous and trendy comment at the end, "看看馬英九來了我們的英語教學會更好!"

And this assumption is according to the comparison with ….what?

What is the matter with these people? I have to admit that Mr. Ma has done a fabulous PR along the way, he can be related to everything from English language teaching to cross-straight relationship, from economics to the sex idol. Is there anything he’s not capable of?
And if he IS that tremendously fabulous, exactly what has he done in the past? I would be very much impressed if he can improve the current situation of English education in elementary schools, but until then, stop telling me Mr. Ma IS THE SOLUTION OF EVERYTHING!

Wake up!



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