In the danger list

So my name was officially on the position-endangered list. Not something that I would describe as "shocking". The list implies that within another 3 years I’ll probably be forced to pack up and leave my current position as a English subject teacher. Thanks to the dropping birth rate.

I’ve heard about my friend’s immediate crisis of being removed from her school. Another friend of mine has taken on the position as a homeroom teacher after years of cultivating in English education.

So who’s gonna teach English after all the English teachers gone?

Opinion A: You think too much.
Opinion B: English class will be taught like any other subjects in school now. Homeroom teachers are going to take the responsibility.

??? Teach English just like any other subjects in school? Like Mandarin? Like social study? Like science class? Like PE class? HOW? How do you teach a foreign language with any kind of teaching method applies in the subjects above?

If that’s the case, why even bother to hire people with the right language skill back in 1999? Why even bother to train these people back then? Even more, why even bother to install  the English class in elementary education?

It is a known fact that without proper TEFL training, English class could be a disaster for both teachers and students. Those homeroom teachers who have taken on the role as English teachers knew how it is like.

You can tell by the question they asked: What is phonics?

How do you teach a subject when you don’t even know the fundamentals?

And we have a government showing off the English village like some great political achievement.



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