English Teaching Forum-great resources for EFL teachers

It was a Wednesday morning and I decided to rush to Taipei right after the class. The mission is to join an in-service seminar sponsored by AIT. The hour is awkward, who would set a schedule for seminar from 12 to 2pm? But my intuition told me that this seminar is bundled with good stuff, like the one sponsored by British Council a month ago(which came with super delicious desserts….okay, well, good presentations as well).

I was one hour late and was a bit disappointed to realize the presentation was about a book. The title "Shaping the way we teaching English" sounds vague but with a rather interesting concept, that is to provide different modules of effective teaching around the world. The book comes with a 3-dvd pack and one cd. The dvd shows 14 authentic English classroom video clips and observing guide. Out of my surprise, AIT actually gave each participants a whole package!

I picked several copies of "English teaching Forum" there and was wondering how come I didn’t know about this journal before?

….. English Teaching Forum online, a quarterly
journal published by the U.S. Department of State for teachers
of English as a foreign or second language…..
Most of the authors
published in
English Teaching Forum are classroom teachers.

The content is great and you can also download them from English Teaching Forum, the only drawback is the font is way too small!


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