My first review of SpellingCity

I first read the review of SpellingCity from The Tech Savvy Educator. After 20 minutes of playing around the city, I’m quite impressed with the possibility of incorporating this into the classroom. It is completely free and you get to make your own spelling list AND import existing wordlist ( great way to recycle lol ) made by other teachers. The Tech Savvy Educator has a pretty decent review over this online product.

1. Play a Game – After typing your spelling list into
the boxes it provides (you can add as many boxes as you need), you can
play a spelling game in which every word is given with it’s
pronunciation and used in a sentence. NOT textually, but verbally;If you get words wrong, you can always try the “Teach Me”
button, and the site will spell out the words
you missed while also
giving you the sentences they’re used in.
actual people have made actual recordings of the words you put in, so
you can click on a button and hear a human voice say the word, and even
hear them use the word correctly in a sentence, very much like a
spelling bee.

The only problem is when I try to register as a teacher, I found Taiwan is stated as "a province of China"….Gosh….hate to see that! And for that reason I chose Australia as my nationality….ahhhhhhh, who said that politics has no concern of the public? Political influence is everywhere!!!! Get real, wake up, people!!!

ps. yes, I did write to the city and hoping they can at least refer Taiwan as R.O.C, or Taiwan(which is best in my point of view). If you find the spellingcity is interesting and this review is helpful, please speak up for Taiwan, this is the least we can do.


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