simple but effective game-speaking & listening

Target language:

What time do you do homework?
I do homework at 8:30.

What time is your English
? My English class is at 8:30.

Teaching aids:

A projector and internet accessible

online stopwatch 

a cute doll or whatever catch
kids’ eyes but better be “bullet proof” since kids are very good at destroy


The game plan:

Project online stopwatch so
kids can see the time running.

Introduce the doll or whatever
is “bullet proof”, preferably stuff toy instead of a real ball for safety

Set the stopwatch (you can show
it in full screen) for 80 seconds. The game is to see how many kids get to say before the
time runs up. The online stopwatch has a cute buzz noise when the time’s up. You can put down the record of each class and kids love to break the record.

Whoever catches the doll has to
say something, either asking a question with the model sentence or answer the
prior player’s question.


S1: What time do you go school? (pass the doll to another group)

S2: I go to school at 8 o’clock. (pass the doll to another group)

S3: what time do you eat breakfast? (pass the doll to another group)

S4: I eat breakfast at 7:10. (pass the doll to another group)



You can’t dodge! In other
words, you CAN NOT catch the doll. Better have some punishment to curb this behavior.  

You have to throw the doll to
another group. You don’t pass to your neighbor.

This is a great way to spice up the atmosphere
plus you really don’t need to prepare much. You can suggest students to use
their textbook as a reference just in case they got tooo nervous to speak up.
The online stopwatch helps a lot to energize the kids since everyone of them
can see how the time runs! Kids get to say and most important of all they have
to learn to listen so they can produce the right answers. Quite a few passive kids are
willing to speak up in this case.

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