To learn then to teach

My first jazzercise class starts tonight. I was having some crisis of confidence these days and hoping a switch of mode can do some good.

And it did.

The music to go with the dance tonight was by pussy cat doll, "don’t cha". I wasn’t expecting much from this except hoping to burn off my growing love handle lol.

I found myself picked the last row in the classroom while I should have pick the first row since I can hardly see the instructor at the back. She suggested me to pick the front row next week on my way out to the classroom. I replied "ah, I was toooo bad".

My reaction kind of struck me. I heard that before. I heard it from the kids everyday in my classroom!

"老師,我不會".Kids’ typical line to "play dead" in the classroom speaking activities.

I have the same stress in the dance classroom tonight. I felt like to "duck"  when the instructor ask the back row alone to dance while everyone else was seated. The stress of being putted in the spotlight is not everybody’s preference, especially when you are not ready. And that same psychological constraint is probably even so to adolescents.

I must remember this feeling when I teach. Take it slow with the kids, lighten up, Annie.

Well, other than being more empathetic to the little brats in my classroom, the other side-effect is I sang all the way back home and did all the funny waves while driving. Not something a good driver should do.


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