What can we learn from movie directors?

今天讀了一篇來自Pick the brain的文章The Movie Director’s Guide to Effective Teaching,


"Learning Happens at the Beginning and at the End.
Research has shown that learning most frequently happens at the start
and at the end of a message. Your message could be a presentation,
advertisement or a lecture, it doesn’t matter – people remember the
beginning and ending more than the middle. It’s called the
primacy-recency principle and was first studied in the 1920’s. Movie
directors understand this to well – that’s why in most movies something
big usually happens within the first couple minutes and the best song
is left until the end. They want you to remember the start of the movie
and feel good at the end. We can apply this concept and provide a
better learning experience for your audience."

Too many times we don’t do an adequate job of telling the audience why they should care about the material.

Remember, it’s not how much you know, but how much your audience learns during your lecture.

You solve the I’m-bored-in-the-middle-of-your-lecture syndrome simply by having more starting and ending points.

In one class I took they had an exercise titled “Vote with your feet”.
The instructor would ask some controversial question and everyone would
go to one side of the room or the other based on their answer. The
class would then discuss the topic while standing.



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