This Christmas

I had a peaceful Christmas last year, which means I didn’t plan any theme-based teaching activity to celebrate with my kids. With 24 sessions a week,  I really can’t bother to put more weight on my workload.
Luckily, I got to reduced 3 sessions from this semester and I decided to make a change. We learned 4 Christmas songs during the class and 56 5th graders volunteer to go Christmas Caroling to other lower graders. The songs are from Weesing Christmas.
1. Oh, Christmas tree
2. Angel band
3. Silent night
4. Santa is on his way(From Holiday Chant by Oxford)

The volunteers are excited to experience what’s it like to go Christmas caroling, well, with out the moonlight and chill wind in the evening, though. They are teamed in 6-8 and they would go Christmas caroling to 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders. We don’t have much time to practice  together since it’s rather challenging to ask 56 kids from different classes to show up at the same time. However, it seems that kids are willing to use their own time to make extra effort. It doesn’t stop low-levels kids from participating, either.

We also made Christmas Stocking from paper bag and write down their wishes with sentence patterns "I want…" and "I wish…".
Here are several works from my kids. It’s nice to tell they are really making wishes instead of copying things again. Kids who wrote "I wish I am thin." "I wish I can have my dog back.","I want a sister." kind of reflect how they see the world they live in.

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