Numbers in Daily Life

It can be very tedious to teach big kids basic numbers in English. You think they’ve mastered it and they gave you that "boring" look yet they have difficulty to apply it in daily conversations. If it is the same case for you then it’s time to transform this boring practice into something more interesting and creative. The posters below are the work from kids within 10 minutes. They were told to generate as much ideas about numbers in daily life as they can. The results are overall stimulating and fun.

First nominate several scenarios for them to brainstorm about things that are related to numbers. Say classroom, school, in the shop…etc. Give them butcher papers to write or draw pictures on( or recycle those piles of old teaching posters from last semester!). Encourage them to write down whatever they can think of without considering the correct spelling. They can either draw or write in English.

Stop and rotate the posters every 5 minutes and make sure every group gets to brainstorm different themes each time. Have them do the oral report at the end of the activity.

This is a great wrap-up and will reflect how much they can apply what they’ve learned.


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