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 Field trip to the English village will be due in next week! I’ve been trying to prepare that for my kids. We were practicing the conversation between the driver and the passenger last week.  My humble goal for this week is that we can at least cover the topic of ordering meals in the restaurant.  Well, judging from what I saw today in the class, I definitely need to modify my goal.
I came across this comic strip generator accidentally and wondered how
I can apply this in my teaching? First you enter the topic, say "bus driver". The Bubblr! will dig in the flickr picture database and offers millions of pictures for you to choose from. You may create your own "bubbles" and make a quick one frame comic. Add more frames if you like to develop a bigger story. I think I’ll ask my kids to brainstorm the conversation as a teaser before the class starts. 🙂


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  1. Hi Annie! I inivite you to check out ToonDoo,
    the online cartoon strip creator tool. Using ToonDoo, you can not only
    create the comic strips, but also share, mail, bookmark, insert/embed
    in your blogs, presentations and websites.

    ToonDoo is being received very well, especially by the teacher/educator community, who feels
    that the tool offers a great platform for combining learning with fun
    and especially
    useful in the area of creative language development, vocabulary
    building and expressive
    communication. Do check
    out this link, where we
    attempted to introduce and teach children a whole new set of words
    using cartoon strips.

    Thanks and looking forward to seeing you at our website and your feedback on the tool,


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