There goes the summer vacation! It has never been an easy switch from the heated and fun outdoor summer to the heated yet chaotic indoor summer. I can’t help missing those huge fans each installed with 4 sprinklers in the Cabbages and Condom restaurant. Great invention! Anyway the first session for my 5th graders are fast paced and info-packed. Visiting English village is the highlight of this semester and I hope it will be a great experience for them. I’ve noticed several kids with disruptive behavior and tried to put on my very long face when I reasoned with them.

Kids in this age are really annoying. Still, I’d like to see if any of my experiments work.

  1. Downsizing the group members from 6 to 4.
  2. I pulled out prior 16 kids from each class according to their English grade from the last semester. These SEEDING KIDS are going to be the leader and helper in each newly-formed group. Since the English level is comparatively even between each group that prepare for the grouping of the English village is much easier for me. I mean, you don’t want a whole group of kids with really bad English level getting together, right?
  3. I wrote a syllabus for kids…This is my first time of doing so. I always have some sort of syllabus in my mind before but I’ve never shared it with the kids. This time I decided to do it BRAVELY and hoping the parents can be more active in guiding the kids’ homework.
  4. Creating a record sheet for each kid. Well, I’m not expecting much from this part but still hoping something constructive may come up at the end. I’ve asked each kid to write down their personal info on a piece of paper and hand it to me. I’ll compile them and try to write down my observations of each kid through the course of the semester. I’m hoping this helps to pinpoint each kid’s blind spots and I’ll always have a record to retrieve afterwards.

That’s for now…Thank Christ it’s Friday!


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