This book worm is reading…

Wheew, there goes the first 3 weeks in the summer vacation. I’ll pass the part why I’m still here blogging instead of enjoy the cooler weather down under . While organizing the itinery here in Taiwan for us instead, I got the chance to read the books that have sit in the shelf for quiet a long time. I just finished the Chinese version of Mao, the unknown story. The book made a pretty big wave back then when it seeks to publish in Taiwan. The controversial part is not that it depicts Mao, the well beloved national hero in China is nothing but a opportunist with devious personality, it also presents a very different picture of several leaders in Taiwan and the U.S. I found the comment by 王榮文, who refused to publish the book, is especially interesting and thought-provoking: (The link above is an interview by 多維網, you can tell the background easily.)


Why is it unnecessary to explain the background of China to the Chinese( or Taiwanese?)? Why is he so sure that the history is not disputable in anyway? Is it simply because the "history" here is a different story from what he believe and what he wants the reader to believe?

There’s another brief intro here. If you love history just like me, you’ll love to read this book. The author has a beautiful talent of story telling. Plus you get to weave the historical background with the modern age now.

History is like a window.


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